Big data and how to get them

It's said that nowadays data is the 'new oil'. I don't like this quote too much there is a certain amount of truth in that quote. Data is becoming even more valuable than it used to be. However, the question is - how to get it.

The lives of others

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Task assessment and prognoses

Making prognoses are hard. There is no exception on this in IT. There are many ways and methodologies which they try to set some sort of framework up in order to do one but crucial thing: correct project / task assessments whether in terms of time or costs.

By definition, there is no person who knows the future but without trying to set some sort of deadlines and costs prognose, no business would be possible in this world. Let's take a look why it's so hard, why most advice doesn't work and what we can do about this.

Pythia oracle

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